The mission of Reaching for the Arts is to bring performing and visual arts distinction to youth in and around New York City by affording them the opportunity to learn, practice, and perform with professional artists in order to showcase their talents citywide and beyond.


Our Initiative

Reaching for the Arts will initiate performing and visual arts programs by providing support to youth in and around the New York City area. Arts educators, administrators and parents within the community will be charged with fostering, encouraging and ensuring that youth who may not otherwise be exposed to or afforded the opportunity to excel in the arts.

  • Develop the necessary skills in order to confidently compete against peers for placement(s) in prestigious specialized arts institutions of higher education and/or professional arts entities.
  • Experience the importance of giving back to the program by returning as alumni to mentor and support members of the community youth organization.
  • Engage their parents and/or community elders as resources to enhance the educational development of youth in the community. 

Key components of Reaching for the Arts is the commitment to provide the requisite experiences needed to achieve program goals. These include:

  • Utilizing the services of experienced musicians, visual artists and other professionals with proven success engaging middle school students
  • Developing relationships with community organizations, museums and other arts establishments.
  • Forming linkages with high schools focused on performing and visual arts.
  • Outreach to parents offering strategies for preparing younger students for careers in performing and visual arts.
  • Supporting students who are accepted into specialized arts high schools to have successful academic experiences.