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As an arts education program, serving mostly Black and Brown children in New York City, we know education and arts education plays a vital role in the pursuit of equity and social justice. Reaching for the Arts was founded because of the unequal access to quality arts programs due to socio-economic status across New York City, severely impacting the communities we serve. Our mission centers around combating these inequities as a result of generations of institutional oppression and discrimination. 

RFA supports our communities and provides after-school arts programming to under-resourced schools. We believe providing access and quality education to all students is the key to creating long-term change. 

We are offering  FREE online programs for any student who wishes to pursue the arts.  We remain committed to our mission and to adapting our programs to best serve our students needs. We are proud of our students' passion for their dreams and to work alongside so many supporters and artists to build a more equitable world through the arts.


Students Served​:

Over 550

Over 50
Students Accepted into Performance Arts and Specialty High Schools

Grades Served

3rd- 8th Grade


Cost to sponsor a child for a year of arts education

Why Arts Education?


Reaching for the Arts provides after-school arts education and programs to under-resources schools and communities that do not have adequate arts education programs. Arts education improves and supports academic achievement, self-confidence, motivation, and nurtures skills needed to help students thrive in the future. Arts education fosters students' passions and provides students with new challenges and opportunities. 


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Save the Date!

Holiday Concert 
Tuesday December 13th 6:00 p.m. 
Trinity Baptist Church 
250 E 61st Street

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